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Joy and Despair

It was a strange start to the season...

Cillit Bang FC getting used to the rules, they were hammered 23 - 1, conceding a goal right at the start of the match from poor passing, eventual joint top scorer Stroud (14) immediately broke through and levelled the match with the 1st goal. Unfortunately from then a goal was conceded every 104 seconds, ending in the heaviest defeat of the season. The match still proved eventful as gaffer Stroud (1) got injured from a save, his brother had to take the reins in goal, he held up well against the onslaught, but fumbling in an own goal was the only downside, an upside scoring at both ends! Thankfully the match was well and truly over and Stroud's injury wasn't serious.

The week after, Bang (2) came into the team and was the star performer sealing a dominant win, Stroud (14) with a brace, Long (9) and Wrench (17) getting their first goals of the season. It was the best match of the season in terms of defending, never under any real intense pressure, the win was seen out comfortably.

Injuries and Thrashings

Straight after the win and playing towards mid-season proved very demoralising for the team in green. Heavy defeats, outclassed and too easily beaten.

Key injuries to Stroud (Chest), Lucho (Knee) and Mike (Ankle) didn't help. Struggling to get 5 players available to play proved costly as brief appearances from Ian, Kev and Jay along with only 2 matches from Matty (only games he could participate in for the season). Matty showed excellent battling qualities in his 2 appearances, unluckily for him the players around him were short of confidence.

The game against Just 10 came with no subs meaning Stroud (14) having to play the whole match whilst clearly under the weather. Long missing his penalty on the retake after scoring and Stroud (14) scoring an own goal from a backpass. It wasn't the greatest of times.

The stand out player during this period was in a matter of fact Stroud (1). Yes lots of goals were leaked, but the defending, holding the ball up, first touch and the ability to string 2 passes was the problem. The shots saved by Stroud were of high quality - closing the angles, smothering the ball, double saves.

Cillit 'Competitive' Bang

The turning point in the season came on Match 9. A forfeit win was awarded to CBFC, resulting in a rise up the table to 7th after Deportivo Lack 'a' Talent had left the league.

A friendly game was arranged against Marriot Wanderers from the division above.

It was a highly competitive game, with the scores level at half time, the Cillit Bang FC players looked for the first time like they believed they could win. 1st goals of their Cillit Bang FC careers for Lambon x2 and Lucho, both scoring in spectacular fashion - 2 excellent long range strikes, Long also scoring his last goal of the campaign. Even though the game was lost it was a great team performance, Stroud (14) notched up his 9th goal of the season, top of the pile and looking likely to stay there...

In the matches that followed impressive performances came from the whole team. Even though they were still losing, for very long periods the games looked like either team would win.

Penultimate game of the season. Cillit Bang FC claimed their 2nd win of the season, 1st of 2010, in clinical style.

Why was this?

Perhaps it was the freshness of the 2 subs CBFC had over Just 10 with no subs? Don't forget the same happened in the reverse fixture for Cillit Bang FC.

Or was it the match where CBFC had it their way for once and thrashed the opponents (not the other way)?

No in fairness, it was a mixture of them both, Cillit Bang deserved their 2-1 lead at half time, and then in the 2nd half despatched Just 10 in the space of 'just 10 minutes'. First hat-tricks from Mike (10) (mention must go to how lightning quick this was - around 3 minutes) and Stroud (14), not forgetting Lucho's (8) brace.

Mike (10) after a period of 7 games without a goal, turned his luck around, now on some form, netting 4 goals in 3 games, he'll be looking at taking that into next season.

It was a good period in particular for Wrench (17) (after having a disappointing game in that Friendly game) by scoring in the last 5 consecutive games, netting 8 goals with 3 hat-trick chances (none taken unfortunately), to end the season joint top scorer with Stroud (14).

The season came to a close in the way it started, Cillit Bang being heavily beaten by Mighty Ducks FC even with Bang in the team this time round. Lucho ending the season with 3 goals in his last 2, setting a scoring streak of back to back games.

Played 14 | Won 3 - Drawn 0 - Lost 11 | Points 9 - Final Position 7th

Goals Scored 50 - Goals Conceded 178

Best Win of the Season: 9-2 v Just 10

Heaviest Defeat of the Season: 1-23 v Mighty Ducks FC

Individual Player Statistics for Season 1

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1st Place: 14 Stroud - (5 votes)

2nd Place: 17 Wrench - (2 votes)


1st Place: 4 Lambon (3 votes)

2nd Place: 10 Mike (2 votes)

2nd Place: 17 Wrench (2 votes)


1st Place: 14 B. Stroud - 14 Goals

1st Place: 17 Wrench - 14 Goals

2nd Place: 2 Bang - 8 Goal

TOP ASSISTER (Playmaker)

1st Place: 14 B. Stroud - 10 Assists

2nd Place: 8 Lucho - 6 Assists

3rd Place: 17 Wrench - 5 Assists

Team of the Season

As voted by: Stroud, Lambon, Lucho, Long, Mike, Stroud and Wrench

NOTE: This team is only based on goals scored, and not reflective of the team's other attributes.

Cillit Bang FC Team of the Season - Season 1

1 M. Stroud (7 votes)

14 B. Stroud (7 votes)

17 Wrench (7 votes)

8 Lucho (6 votes)

2 Bang (4 votes)

Goal of the Season


GOAL 27 - 4 Lambon v Marriot Wanderers

• Lambon's long range effort.

GOAL 31 - 10 Mike v Onshore FC

• Lucho passed to Wrench, he flicked it round the defender, Mike charged onto the ball and smashed his goal in with the outside of this boot.

GOAL 32 - 17 Wrench v Onshore FC

• Shot came off the barrier chested the ball down and volleyed it bottom corner.

GOAL 45 - 10 Mike v Just 10

• Mike's third in his hat-trick against Just 10.

GOAL 46 - 14 Stroud v Just 10

• Ran the length of the pitch from Martyn's roll out, shot from about the halfway line, in off both posts.


1 Stroud: Stroud v Just 10

4 Lambon: Stroud v Just 10

8 Lucho: Mike v Onshore FC

9 Long: Stroud v Just 10

10 Mike: Stroud v Just 10

14 Stroud: Mike v Onshore FC

17 Wrench: Mike v Onshore FC

Goal of the Season: 14 Stroud v Just 10