Matchday // Match 10 v Bombay Bad Boys - Season 1 // Cillit Bang FC

Season 1 Match 10

Cillit Bang FC v Bombay Bad Boys

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Tuesday, 26th January 2010 - 8.15pm

Result: Lost 3 - 19


1 Stroud - 4 Lambon - 8 Lucho - 9 Long - 10 Mike - 14 Stroud - 17 Wrench


1 Stroud - 4 Lambon - 9 Long - 14 Stroud - 17 Wrench

Whole Match Played:

1 Stroud


  • Goal 14 Stroud - Assist 4 Lambon
  • Goal 17 Wrench - Assist 8 Lucho
  • Goal 17 Wrench


Cillit Bang FC lost on both fixtures.

Cillit Bang FC scored in every game to date.

10th Game of the Season for Stroud.

Lambon failed to beat his best scoring streak of 1 game.

Lucho failed to beat his best scoring streak of 1 game.

Long failed to beat his best scoring streak of 1 game.

Stroud scored his 10th goal of the season.

Stroud equalled his best scoring streak of 3 games.

10th Game of the Season for Wrench.

Wrench the only player to score against Bombay Bad Boys in both games.

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Match Report

Cillit Bang FC showing a good resistance for most of the game but ultimately outclassed in the end.

No ins and outs from the previous week, Matty and Bang still unavailable, Cillit Bang FC were looking to keep the rhythm of last weeks match alive in a difficult clash against the team heading for promotion.

Good start to the game the opponent although having a fair amount of shots, nothing was troubling Stroud. Decent but not perfect defending was shutting them out. Cillit Bang FC on the attack wasn't the best, Long shooting, Wrench missing the rebound. Lambon firing having his shot saved.

After holding out for around 8 minutes, the opponent scored with a powerful shot to the left of Stroud. However, hot on form Stroud gets his name on the scoresheet again and equalises.

GOAL Stroud rolls the ball out to Lambon who turns and slides in Stroud and gets his shot away under pressure, the keeper fumbling the ball through his legs.

Subs: ON 8 Lucho - 10 Mike | OFF 4 Lambon - 9 Long

Mike and Lucho on Mike taking centre defense, Lucho on to keep possession which Cillit Bang FC ideally needed more of. In periods of attacking play Bombay Bad Boys were very quick to shut out Cillit Bang FC as with Lucho unable to score (his second goal of the season) on a 1 on 1 due to good goalkeeping.

GOAL Ball hit down the right by Lucho into the right corner Wrench fires right-footed across the keeper fumbling the ball into the goal again beaten by the pace. Scored in both games v Bombay Bad Boys.

Subs: ON 4 Lambon - 9 Long | OFF 10 Mike - 14 Stroud

Time on the ball was hard to come by even after bringing the scores back to 3-2, it quickly became 7.

Subs: ON 14 Stroud | OFF 17 Wrench

Half-Time Score: Cillit Bang FC 2-7 Bombay Bad Boys

The start of the 2nd half was similar to the first, Lambon getting stuck in the tackles, Stroud creating a barrier around the goal, rebuffing every shot to come his way. The best chance of the first 10 minutes came with Lucho winning the ball on the halfway line passing to Stroud who dashed forward cut it back to Long just outside the area but failed to get a bit of height on the shot, the keeper making a great save to his left.

Subs: ON 10 Mike | OFF 9 Long

Stroud making space and getting a chance down the left after a through ball from Lucho, Stroud's right-footed shot smothered by the keeper. The shooting from the opposition wasn't great from the opponent missing an open goal, but that was all about to change after scoring to make it 8-2.

Subs: ON 17 Wrench | OFF 8 Lucho

Straight from kick-off, Mike passing to Stroud, under pressure passes it back and the ball was intercepted by the best player on the night from Bombay Bad Boys, past Wrench and smashes the ball into the goal. Not too long after the next kick-off, another goal conceded, making that 3 goals in a minute, instantly destroying all the hard work of the second half.

Subs: ON 9 Long | OFF 14 Stroud

Cillit Bang FC hitting back fairly soon after another goal was conceded, proved a bad thing for CIllit Bang.

GOAL On his 10th appearance Wrench claws a goal back on Stroud after latching onto the ball and firing left-footed off the bottom right post (reminiscent of the goal against Just 10 earlier in the season).

With Wrench sniffing for his hat-trick, he moved from a defensive role to attack with Long. Although Long, Mike, Wrench all had shots on goal none of them got past the goalie.

Similar to last week the end of the match signalled too many players in attack and clearly the opposing team were enjoying a ridiculous scoring spree, as Stroud got frustrated with the lack of defensive tracking of players. Fitness played a huge part as the opposing team were running rings around Cillit Bang FC in the latter part of the match scoring with ease, despite great box-to-box play from Mike.

Despite a drubbing in the last 10 minutes (which was down to lack of fitness and Wrench more interesting in scoring a hat-trick) the scoreline although fair did not reflect the performance shown by Cillit Bang FC which is clearly getting better through recent games.

Second Half Score: Cillit Bang FC 1-12 Bombay Bad Boys

Final Result: Cillit Bang FC 3 - 19 Bombay Bad Boys