Matchday // Match 13 v Just 10 - Season 1 // Cillit Bang FC

Season 1 Match 13

Cillit Bang FC v Just 10

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Tuesday, 16th February 2010 - 9.00pm

Result: Won 9 - 2


1 Stroud - 4 Lambon - 8 Lucho - 9 Long - 10 Mike - 14 Stroud - 17 Wrench


1 Stroud - 4 Lambon - 8 Lucho - 10 Mike - 14 Stroud

Whole Match Played:

1 Stroud


  • Goal 14 Stroud r
  • Goal 17 Wrench r - Assist 14 Stroud
  • Goal 8 Lucho r
  • Goal 10 Mike r - Assist 14 Stroud
  • Goal 10 Mike r - Assist 14 Stroud
  • Goal 10 Mike r
  • Goal 14 Stroud r - Assist 1 Stroud
  • Goal 14 Stroud r - Assist 8 Lucho
  • Goal 8 Lucho r


Cillit Bang FC avoided the double defeat with a win.

Cillit Bang FC scored in every game to date.

Cillit Bang FC had the lead for the whole match.

Cillit Bang FC seal their position in the league in 7th place.

Who will be the lucky payer to score Cillit Bang FC's 40th goal this season? Stroud 14

Bang is aiming for his 10th goal of the season - 2 more needed. (Did not play)

Lucho scored his first brace for Cillit Bang FC.

Mike scored his first hat-trick for Cillit Bang FC.

Mike scored the quickest Cillit Bang FC hat-trick.

Stroud scored his first hat-trick for Cillit Bang FC.

Stroud joint current top scorer for the season (twice in the match) with 12 and 13 goals.

Stroud now the current top scorer for the season with 14 goals.

Stroud scored the 40th Cillit Bang FC goal of the season.

Wrench beat his best scoring streak of 3 games. Now 4

Wrench scored against Just 10 in both games.

Wrench joint current top scorer for the season with 13 goals, then overtaken by Stroud (14).

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Match Report

Clinical spell in second half seals rampant win for Cillit Bang FC

Top quality hat-tricks from Mike and Stroud seals an impressive win, the first of 2010. Great team performance all round, with all players playing a proper winning part. Team news unchanged, Matty missing and Bang unable to attend. Lucho and Lambon taking up place in defence, with Long and Stroud attacking, Stroud looking to score some goals after a period of only 2 goals from his last 3 matches and Long due a goal.

Goal Stroud tackles the left back and strikes early on the right across the keeper.

After the early goal, a long period of minimal opportunities followed, Long breaking down the left on 3 occasions, his best shot on goal was covered by the keeper after beating the defender but shooting at a tight angle, Long doing very well to turn and get back to break up the immediate counter-attack. Lucho followed after that with a deft little turn on the left, his shot straight at the keeper and parried, no one on the left to pick up the pieces.

From his earlier scoring position, Stroud shoots at goal, one hitting the sideboard, the other more dangerous and the shot just saved enough for the keeper to pick up before it rolls in the goal, to Wrench and Mike's amusement off the pitch. It was here that Just 10 really should of levelled after a cut back to the midfielder free on the edge of the area, catching Stroud off guard, the shot taken too hastily it fails to stay grounded.

The defensive display by all players in particular Lambon and Lucho who consistently relieved the pressure by passing back to Stroud, although the previous result was 14-1... the first half was of high importance to keep in the game, Just 10 playing with no subs, it was imperative to keep the scores close as the match drew on and tiredness crept into the opposition.

Subs: ON 10 Mike | OFF 8 Lucho

Subs: ON 17 Wrench | OFF 9 Long

Goal Stroud and Wrench working the ball on the right wing, after a tangle with some defenders Wrench breaks through and flicks the ball with his right foot past the keeper for it to roll in the corner. On form Wrench beats his previous scoring streak, 7 goals in 4 games and goes back in front as top scorer for now to Stroud's dismay.

The second goal came at a welcome time to relieve the pressure nearing the end of the half.

Clean Sheet opportunity was lost after a fast piece of passing play resulting in a shot in through Stroud's legs at the end of the half. Gaffer Stroud not happy with the defending leading up to the goal.

Half-Time Score: Cillit Bang FC 2-1 Just 10

Early on in the second half an important period of defending from Cillit Bang FC was required to avoid the initial onslaught, the opponent was getting into dangerous positions, particularly with 2 free kicks, the shooting wasn't the best fortunately. Stroud was having his easiest game in goal to date, this didn't affect his concentration as he reacts instinctively saving with his feet from a powerful shot, getting up and picking up the ball on the edge of the area just in time.

Goal Lucho intercepts a pass and side foots a cool finish to re-establish the 2 goal lead. Lucho's first goal in 3 games.

A run down the left from Wrench after beating the attacker, the defender and attacker double teaming him and countering, a quick sprint back to stop the shot and pass back.

Goal From the previous play Stroud rolls the ball out to Stroud, a through ball later into the path of Mike.. composed... shoots across the keeper. The start of Torres'esq finishing from Mike.

Goal Clever play from the Bang as a roll out from Stroud to Wrench, a pass to Stroud on the right, the ball brought forward, a call from Wrench to pass it across the box from a clever bit of movement from Mike losing his marker, with the pass perfect Mike passes (right foot) it past the keeper's path into the bottom right corner.

Goal Just 10 defender turns and passes it back to the keeper, Lambon pressurises, resulting in the ball not kicked hard enough, Mike waiting to pounce for his hat-trick capitalises on the mistake, smashes the ball in the goal near post (right foot). 4 goals in 3 games for Mike. Quickest Cillit Bang FC hat-trick (that will be extremely hard to beat), in just a few minutes.

A bizarre free kick was illegally taken as Wrench took two touches as he looked to slip Mike through on goal, the resulting break came to nothing.

Goal Stroud rolls the ball, Stroud looks up takes it round the forward into the opposing half and just inside the centre of the half shoots powerfully on his strong side, the ball bouncing off the inside the post and across the goal to land over the line inside the other post. Stroud level with Wrench on 'goals scored' again and goes one better with his goal a game scoring streak.

Goal Doesn't take long for Stroud's hat-trick either as like Mike, Stroud instantly takes the initiative with a hat-trick chance by volleying in his third of the night in spectacular fashion from a set-up by Lucho. Stroud now back as the Cillit Bang FC top scorer, kindly switches position with Wrench in defence to allow him a chance of a goal.

Goal Lucho rewarded for his brilliant defending as with his high pressure, he won the ball... free on goal... brings the ball forward a few steps and curls it into the goal with the outside of his right boot.

After the flurry of goals, the game quietened down in terms of good chances. Wrench had 3 shots saved/missed and Lambon's best chance came when he was free on the penalty spot from a cut back from Wrench, but unfortunately doesn't get the shot away after he struggles to get the ball out his feet.

Not the best football was played near the end, Just 10 scoring their second of the night after running the ball across the defenders, the attacker scoring in the bottom right corner across Stroud.

After 10 defeats in a row Cillit Bang FC finally get their second ever win, a sign of things to come we hope.

Second Half Score: Cillit Bang FC 7-1 Just 10

Final Result: Cillit Bang FC 9 - 2 Just 10