Matchday // Match 8 v Parkstone Athletic - Season 1 // Cillit Bang FC

Season 1 Match 8

Cillit Bang FC v Parkstone Athletic

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Tuesday, 5th January 2010 - 7.30pm

Result: Lost 2 - 11


1 Stroud - 4 Lambon - 5 Matty - 8 Lucho - 9 Long - 10 Mike - 14 Stroud - 17 Wrench


1 Stroud - 5 Matty - 8 Lucho - 10 Mike - 14 Stroud

Whole Match Played:

1 Stroud

Penalty Conceded: 4 Lambon

Penalty Saved: 1 Stroud


  • Goal 14 Stroud - Assist 8 Lucho
  • Goal 14 Stroud

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Match Report

Cillit Bang FC lacking serious match sharpness in a competitive match.

With fears the match might be abandoned due to the heavy snow, the game went ahead as planned. Cillit Bang FC welcoming back Mike, Lucho from injury and Matty all in the starting lineup and raring to go. Cillit Bang FC looking to win against the only side they have taken points off to date.

Stroud, Mike and Lucho all testing the keeper early on, Matty showing the same defensive style from his first game. 3 goals were then conceded in succession at around the 10 minute mark.

Subs: ON 4 Lambon - 17 Wrench | OFF 5 Matty - 10 Mike

GOAL Subs on and from kick off Lucho passes to Wrench who returns the pass, Lucho turns an oncoming defender and slips in Stroud who scores.

PENALTY SAVE against Cillit Bang FC, Lambon passing the ball to Stroud in his area. Penalty taken and saved to the right of Stroud with an excellent catch.

Subs: ON 9 Long - 10 Mike | OFF 8 Lucho - 14 Stroud

A rare decent Wrench pass to Mike unable and unfortunate to get his shot away free on the edge of the area due to an excellent tackle by the defender.

Subs: ON 5 Matty | OFF 10 Mike

Nearing half time Matty pressing on a run down the right was cut out.

Lack of pressure on the defender by Wrench allows the opponent to slot in the fifth before half-time.

Half-Time Score: Cillit Bang FC 1-5 Parkstone Athletic

Subs: ON 8 Lucho - 14 Stroud | OFF 4 Lambon - 5 Matty

Some of the Cillit Bang FC players were feeling slightly aggrieved with the physical play being used by the opposition against the sides of the pitch, the referee agreeing and giving a final warning to Parkstone Athletic. Merely reflecting how off the pace Cillit Bang FC were tonight. The opponents were far hungrier for the win.

GOAL Stroud dispossesses one player, turns and nutmegs the midfielder carries the ball forward and pokes the ball past the onrushing keeper into the bottom right of the goal.

Subs: ON 5 Matty - 10 Mike | OFF 8 Lucho - 17 Wrench

Another series of fine saves from Stroud including a double save stopping a 1 v 1 with the attacker.

Subs: ON 4 Lambon | OFF 14 Stroud

Mike just beaten on a run forwards by the defender late on, without the taped up ankle surely would have been a goal.

Subs: ON 8 Lucho - 17 Wrench | OFF 4 Lambon - 10 Mike

Wrench with his poorest display yet not competing on the edge of the area (ballwatching) when the opponent had a tap in.

Free kick for Cillit Bang FC in defence taken by Wrench to Lambon who turns 1,2's it with Lucho flicking the ball onwards, Lambon unable to control the ball quick enough for a shot, dispossessed, Cillit Bang FC committing too many players forward, conceding an unlucky goal. Condemning one of the best passages of play by Cillit Bang FC tonight, when your at the bottom of the table, you don't get the luck you need.

With a 2 week Christmas break since the last match and players coming back from injury it was evident in the second half that lack of sharpness and desire was costing Cillit Bang FC, Wrench losing possession too often, Lucho and Long unable to test the keeper who easily had too much of a comfortable half.

Second Half Score: Cillit Bang FC 1-6 Parkstone Athletic

Final Result: Cillit Bang FC 2 - 11 Parkstone Athletic